Ultimate Deer Cartridge - .243 Win. Experience

by Jim McSwigin

Hi Darrell,

I to am a great believer in the .243 I don't know why so many people think that the .243 is to light for deer. Here in New York I have taken a deer every year with this caliber and can only say that it is phenomenal. I use Remington 100 gr. Core-lokts on everything from wood chucks to deer and have never had a problem with one (1) shot kills, usually resulting in the animal dropping in it's tracks or only running a few yards before piling up.

As for the "Hydraulic Shock Value" you speak of, every deer that I have shot with the 100 gr. Core-lokt looked like a hand grenade exploded within their body cavity. I haven't had to many rounds pass through and usually find fragments of the round on the opposite side just below the hide. I don't get the "Mushroom " effect that you will get from heavier caliber rounds but I have found that this round almost always breaks up inside the body cavity thus causing a tremendous amount of damage and a quick, clean kill.

Another great advantage of the .243 is that it has minimal recoil and is a great caliber for young hunters just starting out deer hunting. I received my 243 (Sako Forrester Deluxe) when I was 14 years old as a gift for passing my hunter safety course and have been using it ever since (I'm now 38) .

I have shot a few coyotes out West with this round but I have found that the 100 gr. leaves a pretty big exit hole. Most of my shots here in NY are between 100 to 200 yards and it is no problem for this round. Out West (Colorado & Wyoming) I have taken Mule Deer out to 400 yds with the .243 and that was the only time the 100 Gr. Core-lokt did mushroom. ( because the bullet was traveling slower over the greater distance). and even then my Trophy 5X6 Mulley only went 50 yds. I have also taken Caribou in Labrador and have had the same results as with deer. I think that the .243 should be considered one of the finest caliber's for all-around hunting in the United States.


Jim McSwigin

P.S. I love your Site, keep up the good work!

P.S. Darrell, I have taken elk with my .243 but I just thought it would stir up to much controversy to also list it as a clean one (1) shot kill because I think a majority of people would not believe it or say it was "unethical."

Response: If they can take elk with a bow, a well placed shot using the right bullet at rather close range ought to do the job.

Darrell U.


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