Righteous Global Trade Policy Standards Needed

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Why we must have New Righteously Purposed World Trade Organization (WTO) Standards

The existing policies of the WTO are atrocious as there are no acceptable standards. A major part of the problem is that the corporate members represent one economic interest class. Where is labor, the homeland domestic small business operators, the homeland family farmers, and average citizens? They are not proportionally represented with the Transnational Corporate interest class; corporations were established with the purpose of serving the general citizenry -- not to exploit it.

The existing policies concentrate wealth and exploit the vast majority of the citizens in most countries. These factors have always been the primary cause of revolutions and wars.

With around 136 member countries in the WTO we need policy making criterion that will meet the needs of all their homeland economies. The existing policies make it easy for the Transnational corporations to exploit the extreme noncompetitive production costs advantages in respect to: labor, labor laws, pollution controls, land values, and all arenas of taxation. There has been no concern for righteous principled standards by which to establish a uniform workable policy structure.

What should the Guideline Purposes of these New Policies be?

The key word in all sustainable ecological systems is balance. We must have a reasonable balance between all economic sectors and between the economies of all countries. These Global economic and investment policies should be in the mutual interests' of all affected parties?

The full spectrum of each member country's economy must be rebuilt from the bottom up, rather that being exploit for the noncompetitive advantages they provide the Transnational Corporations.

Four Countries Largely Influenced by Corporations, not 136, tend to make the Influential Decisions

The Quad countries: U.S., European Union, Japan, and Canada can and do meet behind closed doors and influence rulings.

The WTO permits countries to challenge each other's laws and regulations as violations of WTO rules. A three-member trade bureaucratic tribunal hears these challenge cases, which are usually corporate interest lawyers.

My point is that, this is about your fundamental constitutional rights. It's about your jobs, it's about your environment, it's about your communities; fundamentally it's about your democracy: This is about whether We The People are going to rule or these corporations are going to rule. This represents economic policy

We must democratize the Global Economic Policy Making Process

We must preserve the national sovereignty of countries and states; we must not allow the Transnational Corporations through the existing WTO policies to continue to have worldwide sovereign policy and law making powers! This is the paramount issue of the coming 21st century that ought to be debated in each country's elections.

Our Global WTO Capitalism Model is an Unjust Model

I have heard all the "labor productivity, comparative advantage arguments," and they are mere sophist rhetoric. In every arena of production costs, these developing countries have colossal noncompetitive advantages. The result is a noncompetitive advantage for global corporations to produce in these countries. These unjust exploitive advantages produce exponential spreading of gross injustice. We must care about the marginalized people that this model of global capitalism produces. No one should have to tell you what the consequences would be to billions of human beings worldwide that require equity of economic opportunity. The existing corporate model of Capitalism is on trial and the findings require a global discussion to find the best possible model of capitalism to adopt. If we fail to do this other countries will write off; not just this model of capitalism but; capitalism period.

These WTO Corporate Agreements will Compromise the Economic Opportunity of the Majority of Humanity

There are no more important political issues in respect to sovereign self-governance and economic life chances than the Multilateral Agreement on Investments. If we allow corporations to pass it, they will have the sovereign power to govern countries, and their people will be wholly subservient to corporations. Corporations will become the New World Order reality unless, we do an effective job of either modifying or eliminating these agreements.

This WTO rule making will establish the 'Corporate Rule Policy Framework' for the next Century, and perhaps the next Millennium

We need to take a hard look at what these corporate initiated agreements are going to mean to the average person's political and economic life chances. The evidence is overwhelming against the existing policies that must be changed; let alone allowing them to pass new far reaching agreements that will create even further economic disparities.

WTO is creating their own sovereignty to Perpetrate Unbelievable Exploitative Injustice leaving Country Nation States without Recourse

Injustice and exploitation breeds rebellion. My message to all victims is to practice total nonviolence and unite with the global citizenry that is campaigning for your cause. Everyone needs to begin to network through every means possible. That includes all forms of mass media including broadcasting, print media, the Internet, audio and videocassettes, and film. The world's common citizenry must be informed and educated in accord with the experiential WTO realities, not corporate interest propaganda.

The WTO Issue should be the Central Issue of all Elections Worldwide

Your vote should turn on -- where each candidate stands in respect to the WTO issues! This is the only way there will be any in-depth media coverage of this critical issue to every world citizen's future.


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