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We are not wisdom principled in our futuristic thinking and planning. There is very little wisdom incorporated in our mass communications in America or globally.

The Potential Power of Wisdom Principled Ideas will be realized only when effectively spread via mass media nationally and globally, these ideas automatically produce broad based multifaceted Common Wealth Public Good that mutually benefits in many ways everyone it reaches or, eventually touches. The right kind of knowledge based information empowers people and economies like nothing else...!

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We don’t think in terms of the wise use of our mass broadcasting technology; therefore, we use very little of its potential to empower the people with the kind of knowledge they need to create a prosperous future. FACEBOOK  

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Easy Ways for You to check the Performance of your A/C or heat pump - New link 08/08/14
*Unbelievable Strange off-the-wall charging methods being used on TXV metered systems...Check your HVAC System's Performance.
Electric Company Energy Efficiency Programs - pdf. More authenticated survey test corroboration; the surveyed HVAC systems were systems that they had complied with their program’s energy standards and "all had received substantial incentive payments," but delivered an average of only 63% of their Rated Btu/Hr to the homes & 50% of the required airflow. http://bit.ly/1adKKG6 - We can fix these problems!
70% of homes in California are operating at 50% capacity. - California Energy Commission -
We can fix these!

Example of typical furnace over-sizing; my former oil furnace & the other house here on the farm both had 140,000-Btu/hr input oil furnaces installed when new they were 80% efficient; 140,000 * .80% is 112,000 * an 85% nozzle is 95,200-Btuh.
The homes both load-calc Design at -15F between 26,000 to 32,000-Btuh; therefore a 38,000- Btuh will easily handle the heat-loss at any extreme temperature. 95,200-Btuh / 38,000-Btuh is +2.5 times the proper Btuh sized furnace. 38000 * 2.5 is 95,000; left the fractions off the 2.5...

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We could reduce existing residential heating Btu per hour SIZING by around 50% and cooling equipment SIZING in America by 30% to 40% or more if Contractor's would perform honest Manual J calculations and provided full credit for every load reducing element or detail they can when doing the calculation audit.
Free online load-calc - Print when you get the sizing right with the retro-work that's needed.
Additionally, load reduction remedial actions should always be provided as options toward further reducing Air Conditioning and heating equipment sizing.
PROs 'Only' HVAC-TALK Forum Get vetted as a PRO - Join Forum - New HVAC SAVE Policy Issues discussed - 'the Future of HVAC'
DIY Do It Yourself Forum" "Do It Yourself" TV- I Am "HVAC RETIRED"
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The New Digital imanifold gauge estimates CFM and Provides Btu/hr Performance - On YouTube
ENERGY EFFICIENCY AUDITOR TALK FORUM - This is the future of the HVAC field of work

Cynergy Home HVAC Energy Raters

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Home Energy Efficiency Audits
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OnPoint Radio - The Upward Mobility Study across America Audio Archive My call from Madison, WI was taken at 39-mins & 22 seconds, near the end of an interesting program...I explained, in brief, HOW we could considerably raise the level of mobility everywhere in America & globally.

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Heat Pump troubleshooting control circuits video
President Obama and Future Democratic presidents need to 'bypass congress and go directly to the people through the mass media' to achieve his most critically important economic and energy goals, - without the use of tax money.

Consider what the most Economic Empowering Role of Elected Representatives and the Mass Media at all Levels at all Times ought to be for sustaining and improving America's and our Global wellbeing future.

It is to educate the private sector concerning how to determine what the best investments and uses ("without the use of public tax money") of all available existing resources.

Those resources especially include all forms of effective global mass communications and how all those media forms can be motivated to interact in ways that multiply their benefits to all sectors, both public and private of our national and global economies.

When locating and evaluating all the resources that are available for private sector economic development and expansion, we need to determine the most optimally effective, efficient use of each resource.

Then it is absolutely necessary to use all forms of mass media to communicate how those ideas and policies, "without the use of public tax money," will cost-effectively solve a multiplicity of our most pressing national and global problems including that of climate change.

***Yes we have the needed private sector resources, including the investment money, all we need is to educate the public, via the mass media, concerning the best and safest Return On Investment (ROI) on those investments which includes raising wages across-the-board which greatly increases the demand-side volume of sales resulting in real increases in bottom-line profits, whereby unit prices could even be reduced. Both income & sales tax revenues would thus be greatly increased resulting in budget surpluses on a global bases. Then the infrastructure can be restored & updated to present & future needs while people will have money to do much needed Energy Efficiency work and thus have the ability to transition to clean Renewable energy sources.

*There resides Trillions of dollars of profits in the private corporate sector;" some of which can be invested in the safest & best (ROI) Return On Investment, that of 'Raising Wages to a proper level to actually increase business profits while solving the global economic & budget financial problems.

All of this Buying Power can be greatly increased by raising wages: According to December 2012, P-40, of Contracting Business.com - magazine; the Baby Boomer generation born between 1946 & 1964, at only 25% of our population, 'alone' have an annual buying power of $3.4 Trillion; then there is the Gen Xers (1965 to 1976) at 20% of our population; plus Gen Y'ers (1977 to 1993) at 25% of America's buying age population.
Add them all up & that is plenty of investment money buying power, providing they are educated to prioritize with wisdom their energy sector investments, which will reboot the economy & return America to increased per-capita tax revenue fed budgets that can be used to rebuild the infrastructure, further stimulating the economy.

For those needing a small loan, we can 'amortize' very low interest rate private sector sourced Micro-loans for Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Investments so that the monthly savings more than pays for the energy efficiency & renewable energy sector improvements! This would solve a multiplicity of costly economic problems while increasing total tax revenues thus reducing deficits, - "at NO cost to tax payers."

I have worked in the HVAC field since before the mid-1970s & realize the terrible energy inefficiencies that exist in that critically important arena. Corporate money along with that private sector household money needs to be wisely invested in real energy efficient projects that will solve a multiplicity of our problems.

An effective tax incentive to foster involvement by the extremely high income brackets, could be to allow deductions directly from their income for those who invested in energy efficiency, or energy efficiency purposed bonds or, provided 1% or less interest loans for energy efficiency & renewable energy projects.

President Obama in his (02/12/2013) State Of The Union speech mentioned implementing trade skills into High School curriculum. We need Home & commercial building Energy Efficiency Auditing, along with up to date HVAC energy efficiency skills training taught in H.S.; our HVAC trade is horribly deficient in respect to proper efficiency protocol...major retraining of all techs is needed.

Those with a lot of wealth & money can provide, everywhere throughout our country, Energy Efficiency instruments for anyone to rent so they can put their acquired skills to effective work.

Every home & building needs to be audited & brought up to a proper standard of efficiency. We can only do that when H.S. students are taught those efficiency trade skills so they can enter the work force when they graduate.

Idea Solutions do exist, however, political leaders have to constantly speak-up in the media concerning those win/win IDEAS.

President Obama’s ‘Climate Action Plan’ - Video, and Your Children's Economic Future: Wednesday; 06/26/2013 / Pres. Obama's new energy efficiency initiatives today 5/9/14;reinforce claims for greatly improved HVAC Performance after the install & checking performance of existing systems during service calls. The C-Span Video cs.pn/1iz5mrY Click read more to load Video; a very important EE message by our president...

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 Mass Media Role in Economic Restoration | The Real Political Issues ss CROWD WISE Download PDF
Wikipedia: In the business context, the Information Technology Association of America has defined information technology (IT) as "the study, design, development, application, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems." From a governing standpoint, broadcasting has the reach to multiply the Internet PC IT resources for effective public access.

RESNET - Big Energy Cost Saving Tips 

MY HVAC BLOG - YOUR QUESTIONS & COMMENTS WELCOME *Use for listing test data required for effective trouble-shooting!


Importance of Two-Way Communications with HVAC Customers

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A Home Energy Audit & Reducing Energy Usage - By Far Best ROI you can make! + Jump-starts economy & jobs! 

It is Time to Cut Your Utility Bills

Some easy simple ways for anyone to check the performance of their air-conditioning system

Try to check the run time and off-times of the air-conditioning system and write down the indoor temp & %RH -humidity & outdoor temperatures; it's best to do this on the hottest days & late in the afternoon around 4pm.

Let's say the air conditioner runs for 15 minutes then, off for 15 minutes before it restarts, that's a total of 30 minutes for complete cycle so you take 15 minutes and divided by 30 minutes and you get .5 or 50% runtime; let's say I have 2 ton air conditioner; 80-F & 50%RH indoors & 95-F outdoors could yield 24,000-BTUH; however, due to ductwork and other factors it would not deliver to the rooms 24,000-Btu/hr instead figure 90% of 24,000 and multiply that figure 21,600-Btuh delivered to & from the rooms by * .5 extrapolated that is only 10,800-Btu used per an hour to hold the 80-F temp. Then you should perform a free online load-calc to verify how well your A/C or heat pump is performing.
That formula can be used for any complete time span cycle. Some duct systems are only 50 or 60% efficient, result, huge losses!

 Another formula is the EER or 'Energy Efficiency Ratio' formula; the BTU/HR  divided by the wattage used. Another way to use the formula is to take the BTU/HR and divide by the units EER Rating. SEER Ratings are rather irrelevant as in the field they never equal their LAB Ratings.

Let's say the air conditioner has a nominal rating of 24,000 BTU per hour divided by a 9.7 EER that is 2,328 Watts of power used. A technician can then take an amp-probe reading and multiply the amps times the checked voltage which will equal Watts the unit is actually drawing. From that reading you can figure what its actual EER is; 2,328-watts / by 240-volts would be 9.7-amps.

Another way to verify what your home's Btuh load is, is to do a load Calc; I'll provide you with the free online load Calc with which you can experiment with until you get a proper load Calc performed, which you will then have to print out because you cannot save your load Calc's.

You can also use a indoor humidity gauge and write down the humidity level while taking the temperature difference between the supply air and the return air in your home; then go outside and take the temperature of the discharge air and subtract the outdoor temperature from it.

On a 10 or 12 seer condenser the indoor split at 50% relative humidity and 80F indoors should be around 19 to 22F. The outdoor condenser split should also be between 19 and 22F; the condenser fan is moving considerably more air through the outdoor coil than is moving through the indoor coil. A 13-SEER would be 20F temp rise off the outdoor condenser; & a 21F indoor temp-split.

Do the same with heating; say the gas furnace is an 80,000-Btu/hr at 95% efficiency which equals 76,000-output; if the runtime is 20-minutes on & 15-minutes off time before a restart, 20 + 15 is 35-mins total complete cycle time so, 20-runtime / 35 cycle-time is .57% * 76000 extrapolates to 43,320-Btu/hr used to maintain the Room-TH setpoint of say 70F. If this were the coldest winter temp; then a 57000Btu'hr output furnace would be better sized, as it takes at least 3 to 5-minutes to reach nominal output each cycle; cooling mode takes around 7-minutes, therefore the Btu-output would be less than what I showed above for cooling & here for heating; short cycles are inefficient & costly.

Filter sizing: ACCA Manual D requires a low 300-fpm velocity through a new clean filter; a 60F temp-rise maximum means the 76,000 will have close to 1200-CFM / 300 is 4-sf * 144 is 576-sq.ins of open-air-filter-area, media type filters only have a 65% open-air-area. 576 * 1.65 is 950-sq.ins of filter area. Two 16X25 is 400-sq-ins *2 is 800-sq.ins; still 150-sq.ins less than called for.

Above 500-fpm velocity debris blows through a media type filter. One 16X24 filter has a Ak of 1.84 @ 300-fpm it will only flow 552-CFM; @ 650-fpm it will flow 1196-CFM; that is 150-fpm above where debris begins to blow off excessively at 500-fpm velocity through the filter. Hart & Cooley Filter Engineering Data using media type filters. A 1" deep pleated filter has way too much pressure drop resistance, use 4 or 5" deep filters!

Totally Free Load-Calc

This Free online calc will help you determine equipment sizing & point-out areas that need efficiency retro-work - Once you calculate the page it saves the inputs for up to 24 minutes or, until you change inputs or close your browser.

You can experiment with changing the design temperatures in both heat & cooling, (or start-over showing the New Retro-R-Values) also to see whether the equipment exceeds, at those particular temperatures & new retro conditions, (exceeds) the Btuh calculation load numbers, 'in each' of the 3 cooling categories; Total Btuh, Sensible Btuh & Latent Btuh


WPR "The Ideas Network." 07/31/12, GUEST - Robert W. McChesney, Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois; and host of "Media Matters" at Illinois Public Media:
What kind of media actually stimulates action, and enhances civic engagement? We need a weekly "Media Matters" hosted by Robert W. McChesney on PBS

WPR IDEAS NETWORK - Click  Free Worldwide Easy Access Education - Streaming Audio - OPEN YOUR MIND
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Program Archives Joy Cardin Archives
CBS 60 Minutes 10/31/10; Tax Cuts "Rank Demagoguery,"  - Republican, David Stockman
"A Reality Based Video"
How Republican's Job & Economic Growth Ideas  got voters to vote against their interests' 10/03/10
Information underpins everything we have, what we believe act-on & what we are or will become... Public Radio Audio
WPR Ideas Network Broadcast on Information 9AM Program 3/11/11

 economic effects of those ideas when implemented, including automatically moderating costly climate change. - udarrell


The following options are the opposite of Sacrifice

There is no effective media communications concerning what everyone in the private sector can do that will have multifaceted benefits to the economy and to a clean energy future.

There resides within the private sector trillions of investment dollars that can be put to work making our homes small and large business buildings far more energy efficient. These homes and business buildings can also be clean energy generators, the best example of that potential is Germany, and their buildings are generating clean renewable energy that is contributing to a clean environment.

What we mass media communicate is what we become. Our mass media communications have become very negative primarily as a result of political infighting in Washington DC. This negative political infighting provides no private sector workable options toward motivating and inspiring the active participatory rebuilding of our economy by the public.

It is absolutely essential that we make this the turning point in the way we work together to save and restore a new broad-based economy. This will require the cooperation of all media including public television broadcasting whereby, Ken Burns and PBS produce ongoing documentaries illustrating the power of a participatory public to invest with wisdom in a better future for America and our world.

The above actions in investments are truly the opposite of sacrifice because everyone will benefit in a multiplicity of ways when we act together and make wise high return investments. Though few realize it we are in a situation similar to World War II whereby everyone did their part toward mobilizing our nation in ways that made it possible to win World War II.

None of the good idea options are being mass communicated in ways that motivate and inspire everyone to act in their best interest which results in the best interest of our country and our world. If all we mass communicate is what the Congress is doing to slow economic growth the effect is to paralyze all of the effective options that exist.

 He must have a public that is fully informed as to the participatory options that are available to all of them toward actively rehabilitating our environment, are climate and our economy.

 Our most egregious failure is our failure to mass communicate the workable wealth producing idea options whereby, we arouse the latent potential of our mass communication media to educate and inspire the masses. That costly failure is bankrupting America’s and the global economies.

"Yes We Can,” do that together...

Read enough so you understand how this strategic
plan works.
NE Iowa TV Broadcasting Schedules - CNN & MSNBC Models - What to DO & How to DO it.

They had 500 job openings!
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    • For high humidity climates Discussion - Sizing SEER EER Latent Heat Loads

    What should you expect from the average HVAC contractor:

    When a typical HVAC contractor quotes the efficiency of an Air Conditioning equipment's SEER & Btu/hr, and leads you to believe the new equipment will automatically deliver that efficiency & Btu/hr, think again.
    Typically, --installed equipment only operates at 60% to 70% of its Rated Capacity.
    It is important to understand that "equipment ratings are only the "
    potential efficiency" of that component of the system
    and under perfect specific conditions." "Over half of the system's efficiency depends on the duct system and the field-installation."


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