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Some Human Relationship Equation Guidelines

  1. A Cardinal Principle is that: All members of every human community must learn to care deeply about all the members and act in ways that are supportive to everyone's vital interests.

  3. The quality of our lives within our families, our schools, and in our larger human communities is directly related to the quality of our human relationship skills.

  5. Even though the quality of our lives is directly related to the quality of our human relationships -- our institutions are barren when it comes to the development of  these qualities.

  7. Scholastic institutions from kindergarten on should incorporate human relationship development courses.

  9. Our mass media institutions have been contributing to the deterioration of healthy human relationships.

  11. Money must never be placed above or valued above people nor above the quality of human relationships.

  13. The school shootings and a high portion of crime is the result of unsatisfactory human relationships.

  15. All human beings need a reinforced self image of self worth and of belonging to the human community.

  17. I don't recall any required human relationship courses being taught when I was in school.

  19. The death dealing power seeking trips of the teenage peer groups in America's schools is linked with their need to feel accepted.

  21. Everyone seeks to be respected and 'whenever possible' all individuals acting independently and as representatives of institutions should demonstrate genuine respect toward each other.

  23. A large portion of our social costs are a result of  the failure of all of our institutions from the family on up the line.

  25. All constitutions, policies and practices should focus on empowering the individual within eacj human community.

  27. Everything that exists has the potential to be used for constructive or destructive ends -- i.e., applied for good or evil. Take plenty of time to really think about this one.

  29. It is time for the constructive community, with the aid of institutional synergism, to seek out and reach out to the those in social need, and thereby avoid many needless tragedies; (i.e., the constructive -- crucial human turning points).

  31. Write your own thoughtful responses to this list -- think about the cost effective potential of greatly improving human relationship skills at all levels and in all arenas.
In Conclusion:

Balanced Human Relationships are a Worldwide Necessity

It is obvious that in all human relationships we should work with the universal laws of balance and equity which always lead to a mutually shared self worth and prosperity.

Balanced human relationships will produce huge dividends:
Intelligent -- wisdom based, institutional policies that produce balanced human relationships would solve a lot of our existing human behavioral problems.

This should be a front burner issue in all of our elections on a worldwide basis. In nearly all of our institutions there is a gigantic chasm between what ought to be and what is in respect to improving all dimensions of human relationships.

Consider the rapid changes for the better that could be achieved were we to focus on and apply the knowledge that exists within this vital discipline. Many human lives would be saved and all of our lives would be much improved.


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