The Importance of Agape Love to the Health, Well Being, and Healing, of All Human Beings

Empowerment Communications - Authored by - Darrell Udelhoven 

What is the Importance of Your Role in the Health, Well Being, and the Healing of all others' within your Living Relationships?

Your first step might be to assess, what are the various important elements of a genuine agape loving behavioral relationship toward others'. Your behavior should always reflect the love you have for other persons' in your relationships. Our behavior is an authentic barometer of the quality level of our spiritual love for all others' -- near and far.

Where there is agape love there is always ongoing communications. There is no meaningful relationship or exchange of the value of agape love without ongoing reciprocal communications.

Health, Well Being, Healing, Success, and Happiness

The beneficial effect of experiencing the results of whole-hearted thanksgiving and a genuine caring concern for the well being and welfare of all others' both near and far will produce in your heart a miraculous since of relaxation and well being and self energizing regeneration.

A Positive self-concept along with being acutely sensitive to the feelings of important others' in your living relationships — is Key to Every ones' Well Being within our Human Relationships.

"Whole being Forgiveness, first forgiveness of all others, and then of self, --will raise the quality level of your relationships and your life"

If we could be taught or learn early in life “to accept all of the things”, that we view as major losses or handicaps’ --it could make all the difference in how we experience life. Perhaps some negative things, could have been prevented or avoided, but there is no changing a past event. The wise thing to do is to “Confess your Sins of Omission and Commissioned Sins” to the person you offended and ask forgiveness. In that way, you can turn those horrendous deficits of suffering into healthful beneficial relationship assets.

Always remember to focus your attention and concerns on everyone except yourself, and do all things possible to help others' to help themselves' achieve their goals. Teach and encourage others' of all ages, and especially the young. Their attitudinal characteristics; or character; are most powerfully formed from birth into the very early years.

All relationships are Spiritual by nature and should follow Spiritual principles that have passed the test of time. "This includes all economic and political relationships within and between all countries." 12-07-97

Health Benefits Accrue from "Living in the Spirit of Agape Love Relationships"

Consider the Wonderful Beneficial Affects on the Immune System

Success Is -- Happiness and Contentment and healthy loving human relationships

Money and position, without loving relationships yielding contentment and happiness, is not success

Wisdom and Succeeding go together, lacking the first you are not likely to experience the second

Always focus on and consider the well-being of all the other human beings in your relationship environment

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Life & Death,  Sickness & Health,  "Reside within the Quality levels of our Human Relationships and our Communications"

It is obvious that we should all walk within the sphere of the universal Spiritual laws of love, thanksgiving, and forgiveness in all of our human behavioral relationships toward all others...



Darrell Udelhoven - Empowerment Communications - Posted 12-06-1997