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Creating Wisdom Principled "High Utility Value" People Empowerment "Broadcasting Content"

President Obama signed a new energy stimulus bill. Prior to the presidents' speech, a renewable energy contractor gave an excellent speech explaining what small business can do to increase the number of jobs while reducing the use of fossil fuel energy.

 Michael Copps former FCC chairman was a guest on WPR The Ideas Network today Monday 2/10/14 at the 8-am hour. This is a terrific program; go to my broadcast pages for much more on HOW Broadcasters' can help to reboot the economy. Here is the Audio Link: http://bit.ly/1iGNwpP

Broadcasting and all Mass Media have the People Empowerment Resource Capabilities to do what an American President & Congress can never do alone.  

Without broadcastings' help & the coordinated action of local government working with the private sector, economic & jobs creation recovery will not happen! Broadcasting has the Hidden Resource Potential to Reboot the Economy & Jobs. That is an unknown but factual reality.

Why does our powerful media and a powerful private-sector with 3.6-Trillion$ (3.6 Trillion$ Quoting 'R' Sen Tom Coburn, Okla. on MSNBC) “falsely believe” they’re both powerless to reboot the economy and jobs?

Is it because the entire media focus is solely on a deadlocked congress & our president as the only source to take action to restore economic activity normalcy and job creation?

We in the private-sector have a multiplicity of ways to bypass congress and motivate those with money to spend/invest in areas that will create economic activities, jobs and needed tax revenues due to the money multiplier effect.

Broadcasting is always motivating the private-sector to spend and invest; why not do it in ways that will create economic activity with a multiplicity of beneficial effects.

High utility value content has the potential to reboot our world’s economic activities. It is time to begin broadcasting high utility value content that blasts the global economy into activity. Google: empowerment communications
"Information underpins" everything we have, what we believe, act-on & what we are, or will become...

The guest had spent 8-yrs writing his book on "Information," yet I failed to draw his response focus to the near total lack of useful/ usable BR Content. Thus my focus points were rendered valueless.

We cannot have a democratic country if we don't have a democratic media; we Occupier 99% need much better access to be on and contribute ideas to media and for us to produce our own broadcast media over our public owned frequencies. We have at least two extra over-air digital frequencies one of which could easily help fill that critical broadcasting access need.

An example of multifaceted economic benefits of Energy Conservation and Renewable's: As viewed on The WI CH WPT2 - WI Public Television - SAGE Lecture Environmental Graphed Models

Public Radio Audio Stream: http://is.gd/ggpPHn
WPR Ideas Network Broadcast on Information 9AM 3/11/11 WPR Got on at 32:10-mins
WPR The Ideas Network Program Schedules

A Proper Sequence Toward Global Economic and Jobs Recovery
    with Darrell Udelhoven 08/30/2011

The governmental public sector will not have adequate available capital resources to launch an infrastructure and energy sector initiative until the private sector multiplies the requisite tax revenue.

No American President or government can do much within the existing financial & economic conditions; therefore, in America we have to begin effectively using private sector resources including all MCM to motivate the needed actions.

Our global mass communication media (MCM) will benefit greatly by demonstrating the massive wealth creating benefits back to those with money who rightly spend, invest and lend it.

At present, probably less than 1% of radio & television programming content is applicable to motivating those with money to invest in Home and/or business Energy Audits, Energy Conservation & Renewable energy sources.

Without this proactive broadcast programing and print media content, those sectors stand to lose a fortune, when they could have helped generate Trillions of dollars of wealth both in America and globally.

I assure you that when my economic recovery plan is implemented in the proper sequence, it will enhance the stock market, reduce budget deficits, increase per capita tax revenues, and rebuild the Demand-Side of economies.

I have minute details, that I can provide when asked,  on how every dimension of my plans will work to multiply wealth, quality of life and living standards in America as well as globally.

Which Spirit for Humanity, "Yes We Can Do It," or, just say No We can't do it?

You will have the fruits of the one you chose.

We have around 7 billion human beings on earth most of whom can be reached with communication technologies

Nothing happens without communication; everything we know and do is the result of some means of communication.

Our biological being is the result of the communication of the information stored within our genes; no communication no human being.

How we use our mass communications resources will determine our quality of life, our standard of living and our destinies.

We can produce content that will empower all economies worldwide, or we can continue to waste nearly all of it with useless content.

If we do not act to save and restore economies, poverty will spawn violence and terrorism on an unprecedented

Is that the kind of world that you will not take action to prevent?

At the outset of WW2, the entire nation including all mass communication media united to transform America from a peace economy to a war economy, had that not happened we would have lost the war.

Now, our battle is to get our economy and the global economy back on its feet, Will you unite with this workable strategic effort or, allow what could result in trillions of dollars of loss?

The communication resources that have the capacity to solve America’s and our world’s economic problems by producing usable empowering content are not, at all, being effectively utilized.

Broadcasters can and will reap huge economic rewards if they ACT in effective ways; however, if you don't help spread the word we could easily lose Trillions of dollars & our fundamental opportunity to reboot the economy & create millions of good jobs.

The time to act is now, before we needlessly lose more trillions of dollars down a bottomless pit. 
The trillions of critically important private sector mo
ney in the stock market & elsewhere could be lost in a matter of days due to needless uncertainty.

Copyright 2011

Now is the Opportune Time to Grow the Economy

At this time; Wednesday, 08/17/2011; the available resources and economic growth opportunities are limitless. I shall reveal a glance of what those resources and opportunities are & how we can utilize them.

There is around 2.5 trillion dollars in the private sector economy awaiting a positive attitude motivation force to invest in the energy conservation and infrastructure investments that will multiply the circulation of money thus, increasing per capita tax revenues toward greatly reducing budget deficits.

The creation in every community of a largely private-sector infrastructure and energy conservation, - banking & finance system is one-step in the right direction.

It is true that private sector money rightly invested will multiple returns to those investors. If they do not choose to invest then they would be further ahead in the future financially, if they were taxed higher & their taxes put to work in those two valuable economic sectors.

Money spent results in a huge multiplier effect in the economy as money changes hands. That expands the economy, jobs & per capita tax revenues.

There is NO reason for uncertainty; however, the broadcast media is not explaining what the sure fire opportunities are; even without government investments.

The Republicans in congress have been the creators of most of the uncertainty!
They have been blocking our road to economic and jobs recovery along with even telling companies they should be uncertain…

All media sources especially including broadcasting can either create more fear & uncertainty or they can show the workable avenues toward economic & jobs recovery, which will also improve the stock market’s profitability.

Now, it is up to the members of the media whether America moves forward or falls disastrously by the wayside with no future.

Will you look back on your media career & say, if only I had presented positive uplifting & usefully applicable content to help America & Americans to achieve a higher standard of living and quality of life?

If you in the media apply that winning equation, your industry and everyone will be winners, otherwise we could all be losers; it is you decision it is your choice.

America could be in the most precarious economic situation in our history.

I will not go into all the obvious details of how our public & private sector has us in this gigantic debt ridden economic situation.

America’s giant deficits & national debt has put the dollar as the global Reserve Currency in jeopardy. If the dollar loses this Reserve Currency Status its value will drop & everything we buy will require a lot more dollars. The dollar is no longer backed by gold; it is backed by a government currency printing press.

I will not go into how bad that could get, but rather will explain how every sector & segment of our country must work together to reboot our economy & jobs which will increase the needed tax revenues.

WW2 was the classic example of the united cooperation that has to take place.
America was not yet out of the horrible economic depression of the 1930s when every sector of our country had to mobilize to fight effectively a world war.

Every sector of the media cooperated, government war bonds were sold to the public, and nearly everything was rationed. Women were trained to work in factories manufacturing tanks, ships, and airplanes, etc.

There was NO division; everyone did their part so our military would have a chance to be victorious against the ruthless aggressors.

We are in a similar serious situation now, which will require the same cooperative effort to reboot the economy, jobs & the needed tax revenues.

Republican political and broadcasting operatives, e.g., Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck, & Fox News, need to work cooperatively together with all of us to reboot the economy, or other countries will lose confidence in America’s economy and might begin a downfall of our economy that we will be helpless to stop.

Our Economic Future & Homeland Security is at Stake; everyone needs to do their part to save America's future.

In America (3/10/2011) there is no shortage of Oil, demand is moderate, the present inflated prices are due to the speculative trading markets: hedge funds, futures, derivatives, etc. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) needs to establish position limits! http://1.usa.gov/hViZG6 Speculative trading is set to destroy America's economy. Would you like + $5.00 a gallon gas? What would that do to our economy? - Darrell Udelhoven

What you can do about the Economic threat to America’s Homeland Security
      with Darrell Udelhoven

The pumping of government taxpayer money into the economy alone will not be adequate to bring about economic recovery. If you possess wealth there are investments you can make that can help save energy costs and boost employment in the economy.

In addition, mass communications and especially broadcasting and the Internet working together, will have the resource capacity to provide information and instructions that are essential to the success of economic recovery.

Telephone talk radio and television in combination with audio and video archives on the Internet if put the proper use delivering high utility value programming content can transform America’s economy in ways never before comprehended.

This gigantic change in the utility application of mass communication resource usage could make the difference in economic recovery and prevent the loss of trillions of dollars to our global economies.

There are energy-saving test instruments that you can buy and furnished to a local university extension stations and to various small town government entities. These test instruments would be rented out for a small fee to pay for the original investment, and would be used to identify a variety of energy wasting problems.

There are low cost energy-saving test instruments that you can buy and furnished to a local university extension stations and to various small town government entities. These test instruments would be rented out for a small fee to pay for the original investment, and would be used to identify & remedy a variety of energy wasting scenarios.

Instructions would be provided illustrating to the user how to perform the required tests.

However, the broadcast media is NOT producing content that will educate, instruct & motivate the public to take positive & highly beneficial actions.

Additionally, wealthy persons within the community could provide a lending fund for those who wish to reduce their energy use and lower their monthly utility bills. The banks and the government do not have to do all of the work; if America is to restore its economy, everyone must pitch in and do their part.

Now it is up to you; you can promote the use, in every way possible, of all of these mass communication resources along with the capital resources of the wealthy, or you can ignore the tremendous benefits of utilizing these empowering latent resources.

You can link to my Website & blogs & ask people to
Google: empowerment communication

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The World Is Open by Curtis J. Bonk 

This will be the future Landscape of Media & "the critical importance of 'hyperlocal applicable-use-value' broadcast content." - udarrell

Networking between broadcasting & the Internet will be multiplied exponentially when telephone talk high-utility-value content broadcasting takes place within communities and between communities. Also, subscribed for cable & satellite systems should have to carry these new innovative telephone talk community empowering digital network programs.

This is the ways-and-means by-which utility value broadcasting content can create new idea enterprises by which communities will be enabled to rebuild sustainable economies.

The new broadcasting self-interest purpose must be to provide the specialized expert guest panels to resolve the problems of the audience telephone calls. Inside Higher ED > U.S. Push for Free Online Courses  Scott Jaschik Posted:10/26/09  Pres. Obama

* How would you rate from 1-20, the "applicable-use-value" of Public Radio's & Public-TV's broadcast program content? Anyone? Please Elaborate. >

The president and the stimulus money "standing-alone" is not likely to restore Americas' economy, it will take all of us along with every institution, both public and private, working together with broadcasting and other communications means to empower the people in every community down to the township level, toward the mission of restoring America's economy.

- Darrell Udelhoven  02/17/09; Edited additions: 02/23/09

Public-TV needs what Public Radio could offer it Tel-Talk with one or several Experts:

"Focusing on ('useful') local information is a very smart approach for two reasons. One, because as Schiller says, it fills a gap in coverage, and two, because many people feel that delivering and aggregating hyperlocal content will be an important part of the future of media. In 2007, Alex Iskold, the CEO of semantic web application company AdaptiveBlue, predicted the rise of hyperlocal information, indicating that extremely targeted local advertising could be the path forward for the ad industry."

In response to NPR President & CEO, Vivian Schiller speaking before The National Press Club on C-Span2.
She did allude to new platforms & reaching out to other media sources to expand NPR's radio services.

However, there was no mention of a new high utility value tel-talk people empowerment program content formats.
If NPR wants reach, they need to reach out to the new public TV digital stations to network their economic empowerment tel-talk programs through a network of those channels.

The new digital public TV channels are endlessly playing far too many valueless reruns of boring programs that are a total waste of extremely valuable broadcast time. Public TV should be reaching out to public radio to get the kind of extremely valuable audience participatory tel-talk programming content, that every community needs toward initiating an informed rebuilding process.

Every state's public radio network should be reaching out to help these new digital TV channels to effectively serve the information & education needs of every community.

There are also satellite program channels, if not available, on DIRECTV or Dish Satellite TV perhaps an existing channel such as - "Free Speech TV," CH 9415 might provide broadcast time for this new valuable audience empowerment format.

I spent the entire morning trying to download her speech because on Minnesota Public Radio (MPR web page) it was streamed as a video without any visible video. That could have been a problem with my software. However, always record the audio separate from the video & stream it as audio, so dial-up folks can stream it. Politicians and broadcaster's, you cannot communicate with those that cannot stream your message.

We must have over-the-air broadcasting systems that keep people real-time informed in much the same way that CNN, and MSNBC television news channels deliver information to cable and satellite subscribers.

They should also be (at least public broadcasting) networks that cover the Executive Branch and Congress similar to the C-Span channels, so that people are real-time informed of government debate & actions in the same way that the cable and satellite subscribers are informed. The two or three extra digital channels for each station will make those network capabilities a doable reality.

  Darrell Udelhoven

Government of, by and for the people cannot function in the interests’ and needs of the people unless they have some control over the dissemination of content on their public owned broadcast frequency airwaves. We cannot permit these new government licensed digital frequencies to be filled with non-essential unproductive content.

 The potential to change the course of our destinies and to allow a representative Republic to function for the benefit of the people will always depend on the people having a powerful voice in the content of the information that is disseminated to them through the frequencies that they, the public own.

We need interactive programming content that involves telephone talk, the merging of radio, television and the Internet, in order to reduce the use of fossil fuel source energy and toward rebuilding our economic communities from the ground up.

No living thing can exist without communication within itself & with all the exterior things in its environment.

Every living thing has to have a means with which to communicate. Our global communication system is awesome but needs to communicate high utility value (usable) ideas that have the realistic potential to reboot our global economy and jobs.

No learning or education could take place without the means with which to communicate, and the faculties such as eye, ear receptors connected to a brain with which to receive and understand what is being communicated.

An idea is intangible however, when acted on what it creates is usually tangible.

The right kind of highly productive ideas have the potential to reboot the global economy. To be enabled to do that the ideas would have to be broadcast or mass disseminated globally to a good percentage of our world’s teenage and adult population.

FLASH 02/23/09: George Soros says, this global economic mess is worse than the Great Depression.

Follow "The Dylan Ratigan Show at 3-pm CDT, on MSNBC"  a lot of the focus is on stimulating the economy & "creating skilled Energy Conservation based jobs."

YES! Broadcasting and ALL Mass Media have the people empowerment resource capabilities to do what an American President & Congress cannot do without MEDIA help.
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This radio program illustrates the Trillion dollar potential of high utility value educational BR Content.
Listen while reading.
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