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It is time to grant freedom of speech and press of a political content as a protected constitutional right against any infringement by any powers that be, within the United States of America

"There is a misconception of a protected right of freedom of speech and press in the constitution of the United States of America. NO such "declared right" exists in the U.S. Constitution."

"We have 'NO constitutional protected right' of freedom of speech or of the press."

There are NO protections against pre censorship by radio or TV talk show screener's.
Those screener's determine arbitrarily in advance what may or may not be communicated by caller's on the broadcast airwaves. It is the ethical duty of broadcaster's to protect callers' from selective discriminatory abuse by their call screeners. This is even more critically important for public & university based broadcast systems to guard against such abusive practices. (Also, in books, films, news releases, etc.) 

U.S. Constitutional Amendments:

Article I. - Congress "shall make no law" respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or "abridging" the freedom of speech, or of the press; or "right" of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievance. (Emphasis added)
There is NO such constitutional stated protected right to abridge!
Dictionary definition of "abridge" is: 1) to reduce in scope, extent, etc.; shorten
-Syn. shorten.

I.E., Congress "shall make no law" "abridging" the "freedom" of speech, or of the press."

However, there are exceptions to Article I concerning freedom of speech; i.e., you can not yell fire in a crowded theater when there is no fire. Most of such law has its origins in legal judicial precedent case law.

Freedom of speech is a joke in America, because it makes no difference if what you are saying is truthful and critical to our future, if the controlling powers decide your speech is not agreeable to them they can virtually punish you at will.

You can lose your reputation, your job, and you can be black listed. Your business can be boycotted and you can be ostracized to the nth degree.

They have easy ways to destroy you economically; therefore, the dictionary definition of freedom is not valid.

The definition of freedom is: 1 a) exception or liberation from the control of some other person, or arbitrary power; liberty; independence b) exception from arbitrary restrictions on a specified civil right; civil or political liberty/freedom of speech/; also without hindrance or restraint.

Article 1 of The Constitutional Amendments provides NO "legal" freedom of speech and press "rights" as defined in Webster's New World Dictionary, Third College Edition, Copyrighted 1994, by Simon & Schuster, Inc.

I see NO federal constitutional rights of freedom of speech and press; therefore, you have NO protected freedom to speak or publish according to the definition of freedom, or the declarations of the constitution.

All of the controlling powers that be can easily and at will punish anyone for speaking against government policies. I wouldn't call that a freedom but an invitation to be economically and humanly punished for speaking or publishing your political opinions.

It appears that court decisions or statutory law represent your only so-called protections.
"SUPER PATRIOTISM" is extremely COSTLY in over a MILLION SACRED HUMAN LIVES LOST & TRILLIONS of SELF-DEFEATING IMMORAL TAX EXPENDITURES. Could that be construed as New Testament Scriptural damnation or self damnation?


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