It is time to examine the Character Qualities of all Public Communications & Policymaking

It is time we "examined the total effects of the Character Qualities of all our Communications," in every dimension of our existence, in our relationships and in our public policymaking

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Everything that exists has the potential for good or evil; to be beneficial or harmful, constructive or destructive, --it is what we do with it that counts, and what we do with everything in our environment depends on the qualities of the character we possess and impute to everything.

We need to examine the initial origin causes of our problems of injustice inequity and other human conflicts. A thorough examination of the awesome power of the effective application of righteous character, in every aspect and dimension of our lives, could help us produce the quality of living relationships that we all have a great need for. We must have righteousness of policy, individual, and institutional character in the treatment of employees worldwide in respect to pay equity and working conditions, likewise for the homeland farmers and all small business operators. This would strengthen greatly the Demand Side of economies both within individual countries as well as the entire global economy. That is only the beginning... .

We, as a nation and world, must achieve a higher insight into the value of implementing "righteous character principles" into all mass communications & policy making processes and stratagems. These universal prosperity based principles apply to all institutions and policies worldwide. My other pages emphasize the importance of a principled righteous character: in our values, in our ideas, in our purposes, and in our means to achieve principled—righteous ends.

The quality of our individual and our policy making character determines the quality of our relationships. The higher the level of our world citizenry's virtuous and righteous character qualities, --providing that these qualities are instituted in all policymaking at all levels, the richer and more meaningful will our lives be.

The need for a thorough examination of the of the colossal efficiencies that would result must be shouted from the house tops and broadcast over the majority of the airwaves and in the print media. The full revelations must be grasped by our worldwide citizenry.

Formal education must be much more than the three R's, because character building is the foundation on which to build a secure and prosperous future for all of our world's peoples. Our policymaking and everything we do, speak, legislate, or communicate is an instrument for good or evil; it is either constructive or destructive. We are all—at the same-time—teachers and students.

If you were to take a huge blackboard and draw a circle as close to the edge as possible, most of the circle would symbolize the economic and political marginalization of the majority of our world's people. The majority of our population is denied the bountiful fruits of a righteously based policymaking agenda. The time for change is now—it is time to make our policies reflect the righteous character of a righteous world citizenry.

The destiny of humanity may very well hinge on the effective application of the discipline of righteous character at every level of our relationships, let's get on with it! Fairness and justice are at the very heart and core of peace and mutual prosperity.
- Darrell Udelhoven -


I just watched President Obama's Jobs Speech. Thursday, 09-08-11

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MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts: Is Congress’ reluctance to act on economy 'an Act of Treason?'

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