Best Long Range Coyote and Red Fox Rifle Calibers, and Cartridges?

It is January 05, 2005 with snow and more to come here in Wisconsin which brings thoughts of coyote hunting adventures.

The discussion question is: What are the Best Long Range Coyote Calibers, and Cartridges?

What in your experience are the Best Long Range Rifle Calibers and Cartridges for Hunting Coyotes and Red Foxes?

Let us hear from you!

I like my 243/06 Wildcat rifle, it's on an old Remington 721 action.
I used to resize 30/06 cases, now
all I have to do is neck down the 25/06 cases to .243.
I also have a Remington 722  .243 Winchester rifle.

Darrell Udelhoven


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